Paramotor Training

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Your journey to get into the sky safely starts with the best training money can buy. Contact us today to Learn to run into the sky


Our pricing is competitive and affordable. All your training will be done on our school gear. This will leave you free to decide for yourself if you like it or not without the stress of buying gear upfront. The Training fee is R23,000 and includes everything you need to get your PPG License.


You will be exposed to a bit of running if doing foot launch therefore you need to be somewhat mobile. No need to be a sprinter though. Technique makes all the difference. The Students that are not able to run could opt for the trike training also available at the same price.


You are welcome to learn to fly with your own gear and for those who don't have the gear yet, you can use our school gear and can order your gear through us. Only the best lightweight motor from Air Conception - the Nitro 200 or Tornado will be used as this will dramatically improve your success rate. Why? Because the motor weighs only 20.7kg, we only use the world renowned wings from Ozone and with their new Shark Nose technology, first time inflations will be a breeze.


We want to make the training as easy as possible, therefore we check our training spots all over the country to find the best suited area to train depending on weather conditions. We have mobile training simulators and equipment. If your location is suitable for training travelling to your destination can be arranged if there's two of you to take the course. It is a legal requirement in South Africa to have an air band radio whilst flying a paramotor. I have a Restricted Air Band Radio Examinars Licence and also include the Licence Fee for my students into the course syllabus.

Why train with paramotor africa

Years of experience taught us all the ins-and-outs of the industry. You are in safe and competent hands. We proud ourselves in a 100% safety record.

  • Experience: We've trained hundreds of students.
  • Reputation: Our students vouch for us.
  • Best Gear: Learn from the best on the best gear.
  • No pressure to buy equipment upfront like all other schools leaving you to make a better educated decision on what will suit your needs.

What You Get

Your training package is complete and no additional training is required. Practice, practice, practice.

  • Full Sahpa training syllabus : 35 flights and a minimum of 4 hours flight time.
  • Wing handling is paramount and the course will take anything from 6-10 days weather permitting.
  • Restricted Airband Radio Licence included in the price, it's an added value of R2500.