Get geared up!

Paramotor Africa provides only the safest and time-tested gear used for many years by trusted pilots in the industry.

Paramotor Africa is the exclusive importer for the Air Conception range of Paramotors. These motors are the lightest power to weight ratio motors in the industry providing exceptional power with a very light form factor.



Paramotor Africa sells the industry leading wings from Ozone with their patented Shark Nose Technology. These are the safest wings you can buy for this sport. It has been rigorously tested to ensure your safety and comfort in the air. Multiple color choices available to choose from.

From Paramotor Propellers to Throttles and Custom Accessories all available here. We specialise in Bluetooth Airband radio’s that connects wirelessly to your Helmet. Listen to music, make phone call’s, broadcast your intentions on the radio all without compromising Hearning using the highest rated EARmuff’s with Anti Noise cancelling. Contact Basjan for all your gear requirements.