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basjan van heerden

Hi my name is Basjan (Sebastian)

I love flying, I remember as a kid dreaming of running into the sky and now I am. My passion is to help other people experience the magic of Paramotoring. I have been flying for many years and have experience in SIV. I’ve spent one year as a Paramotor Instructor in Florida USA. I helped train 106 Students while over there, where most of them got at least 15 flights. I worked with the awesome guys from Aviator PPG sharing the tears of JOY from our Students, I received my USPPA Instructor’s Licence from the PPG Guru himself – Eric Dufour (Google him if you’re new to the game).


The USPPA License is necessary to fly anywhere in the USA.


The SAHPA License is needed to fly a Paramotor legally anywhere in South Africa.


Contact me today and arrange to get your USPPA or SAPHA Licence, learn to fly and get your accreditation to fly Safely and Legally.

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